• Pet Grooming Singapore

Pet Grooming Singapore

At Likeable Pets, we specialize in mobile pet grooming or house call grooming. Mobile pet grooming is a great way to get your pet groomed at your home. Let them stay in an environment that they feel comfortable in while our certified pet groomers work their magic to make your pet look at its finest. We’ll transport all of the necessary equipment to your home at the scheduled time.

How Does Our Mobile Pet Grooming Services Works?

We provide professional Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming and Rabbit Grooming services, and our Certified Pet Groomer will groom your pet at the comfort of your home. Mobile Pet Grooming Service which is also known as House Call Pet Grooming Service provide great convenience and many benefits for you as our Certified Pet Groomer will arrive at your home with all the grooming equipment at the scheduled time. All we need is a bathing towel for your pet. Upon arriving at your home, we will need you to provide us a space to groom your pet and once grooming is done, we will clear up the area.

Specialized in Mobile Pet Grooming

We provide House Call Grooming right at your doorstep so your pet will not have to be transported to and fro the grooming place.

Certified Groomers

All our groomers went through grooming school to become a qualified pet groomer. You can view our groomer’s credentials here.

We Love Animals!

Our groomers are all animal lovers. We treat your pet like how we want our own pet to be treated!

Why Mobile Pet Grooming?

  • 1 to 1 personal attention to your pet from start to end of the grooming.
  • Saves time on travelling or transporting as our groomer goes to your place at your convenience.
  • To avoid being left at salon the whole day, which means no stress and no separation anxiety for your pet and yourself.
  • No exposure of diseases, ticks or fleas that can be passed on from another pet from salon.
  • Great savings for household with multiple pets as they only need to pay a one trip transportation charge.
  • Great for puppies or kittens that have not completed their vaccinations, as there will not be any exposure to other pets.
  • Avoid stressing or tiring senior pets that have difficulty walking.

Why Choose Us?

  • We do not focus on the speed of the grooming, safety and details are our priority.
  • We only take in 3 appointments per day, we do not rush through the grooming process.
  • Our equipments are properly cleaned and sanitized before every session.
  • We are certified groomers that have more than 4 years of experience in grooming.
  • We are pet owners too! We treat our client’s pet like how we want our pets to be treated!

Dog Grooming Singapore

We have the most recommended Dog Grooming Services in Singapore.

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Dog Grooming Services Singapore

Cat Grooming Singapore

We have the most recommended Cat Grooming Services in Singapore.

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Cat Grooming Services Singapore

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