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If you’ve found your way to our website, then you’re likely frustrated with the typical methods that people use to get their pets groomed to perfection. There’s nothing that makes you want to pull your hair out more than having to coax your beloved pet into the car, sit in miles of traffic, only to have to wander around killing time until they’re ready to be picked up from the grooming centre.

But what else are you supposed to do? There’s no other way to get your pet looking their best, is there?

Well, now there is.

At Likeable Pets, we specialised in mobile cat, rabbit and dog grooming in Singapore. Mobile grooming, which is also known as house call grooming is a great way to have your pet groomed in the comfort of your own home!

How Mobile Grooming Works?

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Why Choose Us?


Our professional groomers are certified by Singapore Kennel Club. You can view our groomer’s credentials at our about us page.


We do not rush through the grooming process, because safety and details are our priority and we only take in 3 appointments per day.


Our groomers are all animal lovers. We care for your pet and treat them like how we want our own pet to be treated!


Our equipment is properly cleaned and sanitized before every session.

Why Groom At Home?

We are the most recommended house call dog and cat grooming in Singapore. The benefits of grooming at home go on and on, including the guarantee that your pet gets individualized attention with the groomer, saving you time, making the experience easier on older pets, and skipping the separation anxiety altogether.

Still not convinced that mobile pet grooming is right for you? These are some of the most common reasons people choose us over traditional salon:

While it’s true that pets love being groomed and shown the five-star treatment, not every pet feels completely at ease in a new place. Every animal is different, and the reaction to transport them up in the car can be anything from vomiting and hissing to head-out-the-window, tail wagging bliss.

Of course, actually arriving at the pet salon may be a completely different story than what you may experience on the car ride there. In a new environment, many pets become anxious and nervous—the polar opposite of the relaxing and pampering treatment you wanted to show your pet with their grooming.

In such a situation, some pets may feel they are going to the vet, be unsure of where they are, and seek a comforting presence of someone they know. With a pet mobile grooming service, however, the groomers come to you. Bypass all the trouble by allowing your pet to be groomed and pampered in the comfort of their own home with Likeable Pets today!

As we said before, pets love to be groomed—but this is usually only if they have a kind groomer with a gentle hand and loving touch. You can rest assured that, with Likeable Pets, your pet will be given only the best grooming treatment. Our staff are friendly, experienced, competent, and—most importantly—animal lovers. We ensure that the groomers we send out to your home are thoroughly trained and is able to provide the best cut for your pet.

We use natural shampoo as we believe that exposing pets to prolong use of chemical products will lead to developing sensitive skin. But you can feel free to provide your own preferred shampoo especially if you have vet prescribed shampoo.

If you’ve ever taken your pet to the pet salon before, and you’re an animal enthusiast like us, then you are all too familiar with the story: You drop off your pet to be groomed, and you go off to run some errands while you wait for them to be ready for pickup. And you’re left wondering the whole time, “how is little Fido doing? Is he enjoying himself? Is he giving the groomers a hard time?”

With Likeable Pets, you can breathe and relax, knowing your furry friend is in the next room while you do your own thing around your home, like catch up on some household chores or browse the web. At any moment you like, you can go over and check on your pet and see how they are doing. At no point do you have to worry or wonder why the groomer has taken so long to call you and let you know your pet is ready for pickup—you can be present and in the know the entire time, while still being able to go about your own business.

You are just a phone call or text away from a grooming appointment. Just let us know your preferred time that works best with your schedule and you are all set! So getting your pet groomed can be easier and more convenient than ever!

Not only that, but because we specialize in pet grooming through house calls, you can skip the potential disaster of rounding up your pet and convincing them to get into the car and waiting in traffic to get to the pet salon by your appointment time. Further, you won’t need to worry about waiting around and killing time until your pet is groomed and ready for the return trip home.

At Likeable Pets, we believe that your pet should be as comfortable as possible during their grooming, and we know there is no place that they will be more comfortable than in your own home. This way, you can be just as relaxed as your dog, cat, or rabbit will be during their pampering, as you can do whatever you like in your home while we help your pet look and smell their very best.

  • Highly recommend, worth the price as groomer Pamela is very patient and friendly towards my hyper active puppy, and is much more better than we send it to shop for grooming! Looking forward for the next grooming! Thumbs up!

    Alan Koo
    Facebook Review
  • Pamela did a great job in grooming my dog. She was fast & efficient. She ensured cleanliness throughout the grooming session and was extremely gentle with my dog. My dog is usually quite hesitant with strangers. But he loves Pamela!! Thank you once again
    ~ Highly recommended!

    Logeswari Annamalay
    Facebook Review
  • I love their service. Will have them on a monthly basis. Pamela is great with a dog with attitude and Alex has the best customer service skills!

    Delia Danika Wong Libin
    Facebook Review
  • Absolutely the best! I tried a couple groomers before finding Likeable Pets. I can't say enough great things. My two cairn terriers haven't looked this good in a long time! I couldn't be happier

    Jennifer L Curran
    Facebook Review
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