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Nov 2017

Relief For Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

There are a lot of reasons as to why dogs itch and at times the itch is for no reason at all. Dog’s scratch at night often seems to get worse and especially when...


Nov 2017

Suds For Bud – Dog Washing Tips & Tricks

A good wash is necessary for dogs as it helps remove dead skin, accumulated dirt when outdoors and removes shed hair. Although Singapore is a pretty clean country, you cannot rule out ticks and...


Oct 2017

Freshen Up: Tips For A Well-Groomed Dog

Well groomed dogs feel better and they tend to look better. Keeping your dogs needs well attended to regularly will help avoid long nails that may be curled and matted hair which can be...


Oct 2017

How Often Should I Groom My Cat?

Although cats do groom themselves, pet parents need to groom them as well. The frequency of grooming your cat will depend on the length of your cats’ hair. Cats lose more hair during the...


Oct 2017

What Does Cat Grooming Include?

To keep your cat pet happy, clean and healthy, you need to groom your cat properly. As you might be aware by now, cats always groom themselves hence cat grooming is the simplest task...


Oct 2017

Why Is My Cat Grooming More Than Usual?

Cats usually lick themselves as part of their natural daily grooming routine. However, the licking can sometimes turn excessive and obsessive. As a cat owner, you cannot overlook this behaviour. Cats usually spend 30-50...


Oct 2017

Do You Need To Bathe Your Cat?

Despite having natural grooming practices, some cats require regular baths for purposes of hygiene. This is so because their coats get sticky and greasy. Those cats with issues with their weight can only reach...

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