Mobile Cat Grooming Services

When you have a joyful, playful and happy cat at home, this can make a huge difference for the overall environment of your home. These pets can really make your home’s atmosphere look more active and pleasant. But instead, they also need care. After all, they are animals and they cannot perform care for themselves so properly just like the humans. And if you still believe in the old cat grooming myth that Cats groom themselves by licking themselves clean, then you are very wrong! Your cat may often lick itself and it may seem like an act of keeping themselves clean, but licking will not make them clean because what they need is soap to wash them clean and not saliva. Imagine your cat licking and swallowing their own fur and feces when trying to grooming themselves.

As the owner of the cat, your duty is to keep them in the best health. Bathing and brushing your cat should be done regularly. We know that grooming your feline might be a challenge at times, and it can be a challenge bringing them to a pet salon, especially when there will be other pets in pet salon because we all know that cats get can get stressed out easily. That is why getting a groomer over to your place to groom can benefit both you and your cat. Your feline will be less stressful during the grooming when it is done at a place where they are comfortable in. There will not be exposure of other animals that usually will add stress to cats when they are at pet salons.

Our Cat Grooming Works

Basic Grooming

  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Shaving of Paw Pad
  • Bath and Blow Dry

Full Grooming

  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Shaving of Paw Pad
  • Bath and Blow Dry
  • Trimming and Styling or Deshedding
Mobile Cat Grooming RatesBasic GroomingFull Grooming
Short Fur$90$120
Long Fur$100$130


  • Prices start from the price stated as prices will vary base on cat’s breed and size.
  • Transportation starts from $30. (Depending on where you stay).
  • Any cancellation or postpone of appointment should be made 1 day in advance, and there will be a transportation charge if our groomer arrived at your place but your pet is unavailable.
  • Additional charges may apply for cats with behavioural problem and severe matting.
  • Please feel free to call us if there are any cat grooming services you are looking for is not stated here.
  • For more information or to book a grooming appointment, please call us at 8685 2360.

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