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When Should You Introduce A Puppy To Grooming?

It is very important that you should not rush your puppy through the grooming process. Your puppy needs to be introduced into the grooming at a comfortable pace so that it will learn to appreciate what you are doing to it.

Before you take your puppy for dog grooming, either at home by yourself or you take it to the groomer, there are some early grooming basics that you need to teach your puppy. At home, spend some quality time as you can with your puppy touching and caressing your puppy all over his body. When you are touching it, do not forget to touch its ears, feet and toes because these areas might be sensitive to your puppy and you want it to be used to be touched at these areas when you start grooming.

As a matter of fact, very young puppies do not enjoy brushing and combing. Hence you will need to convince your puppy that it is fun and it is for its good that you are brushing and combing its hair. Using soothing and encouraging words, you calm your puppy down with long strokes of brushing. Try to incorporate this step into your daily routine to allow your pet to get used to brushing.

So, what is the appropriate age for you to introduce your puppy to grooming? You can introduce your puppy to the groomer at about 12 weeks of age. Before the actual grooming day, ensure that you contact the groomer and discuss with him on the grooming specifications that you want. You and your puppy groomer should work as partners to ensure that your puppy gets the best grooming experience.

Preparing Your Puppy For Grooming

Before you take your puppy for grooming, you need to prepare your puppy psychologically and emotionally. Since your puppy spends most of his time at home, he is probably not familiar with travelling. So you should take your puppy for several trips in your car so that he can get used to travelling and be comfortable. Also, as highlighted above, spend some quality time touching, brushing and combing your puppy. Alternatively, you may opt for home pet grooming (Likeable Pets) where the groomer grooms your pet at the comfort of your home instead of unfamiliar surroundings. This is also easier on the puppy as they are not exposed outdoor regularly.

Before you take your puppy to the grooming salon, ensure that your puppy has relieved himself. Also, remember to carry your puppy’s favourite toy so that once you reach the grooming salon, your puppy will feel comfortable and at home. That is not all, on the way to his first grooming at the salon, be happy and composed. If you are anxious, your puppy is likely to pick your anxiety and this will affect his first grooming experience. The main objective of this is to help your puppy have the best grooming experience and to make it look forward to the next grooming session.

At The Grooming Salon

Let us say this is your first puppy and you are not sure what happens at a grooming session. The first thing that the groomer will do is to brush your puppy thoroughly. The main objective of this brushing is to give the groomer a chance to touch and caress your puppy so as that your puppy will feel safe and settle down. Next, the groomer will clip your dog either with the scissors or an electric clipper.

After that, the groomer will clean the ears and the toes before bathing the puppy. Before the actual bathing begins, the groomer should drop an eye protector into your dog’s eyes so that to protect your puppy from being irritated with the bathing soap. A good groomer will use the right bathing shampoo to bath your puppy and rinse it thoroughly. After the bath, the groomer will dry your puppy with a towel to protect your dog from cold.

Remember, the most important thing is that a professional groomer should introduce your puppy to the grooming process one step after another at a comfortable pace and not rush your puppy through the process. The first grooming session might be lengthy because the puppy has to be taken through the grooming process slowly. It is important that your puppy develops trust with the groomer and become used to what happens at the grooming salon or at home.

After The Grooming Session

You should wait for your puppy groomer to call you to go and collect your dog when its ready to be picked up. Please do not show up before the grooming session is over because once your puppy hears your voice or smells your scent, he might start reacting and it will be hard for the groomer to be able to finish his grooming. Likewise, if your grooming session is at home, it is important to give the groomer and your puppy some space for them to bond with each other.

It is important that you follow the recommendations and guidance that the groomer gives you, whether it is changing your current shampoo to switching its diet. Another important thing that you should do after the first grooming session is that you should continue on a regular basis to brush and comb your dog between the grooming sessions to avoid matting. If you are too busy to schedule in daily grooming as a part of its routine, ask the groomer to cut the fur short or book an appointment for a brushing session in between.

After your puppy’s first grooming session, you might realise your dog is feeling a little apprehensive and excited. That is normal because of the clipping, and brushing is an entirely new experience like none it has had before. Your dog might be feeling a little bit strange, and so once you get home you might notice it rubbing itself against the carpet or sofa, please don’t be alarmed because that is normal. Don’t wait too long to schedule the next grooming session so that your puppy will get used to groomer’s visits and continue their bond from there.

Long Haired Dog vs. Short Haired Dog: Is There a Difference?

Dogs are lovable and amazing creatures that brighten your day just by wagging their tails when they see you, or yapping and jumping about for joy when you come home from work as if they haven’t seen you in days when it was actually just five hours ago. However, dogs can be a bit high maintenance, depending on what hair breed it is. Hair breed meaning long-haired dogs, short haired dogs, and hairless dogs. You may be wondering: is there any difference between long haired dogs and short haired dogs?

Choosing to have a long haired or a short haired dog mainly depends on your dog experience. Some people just love looking at the long, luxurious, sleek coat of an Afghan hound, and they don’t mind taking care of it; while others prefer the short, smooth coat of a spotted dalmatian. For people living in Singapore, which one would be better: is it a long haired or a short haired dog, and would caring for them be any different?

Shedding Hair

The first thing you should know is that all dogs shed (except the hairless breed, of course). Dogs’ fur sheds and grows with the weather, so as to better protect them and their skins. When it is cold, does grow heavier protective fur to protect against the cold weather, keeping them insulated and warm. When the weather becomes hot, they get the protective fur and grow a shorter, lighter coat that will keep them cool and less irritated in the warm climate.

There are two types of dogs based on the way they shed fur: there are dogs the shed all year round, and there are dogs that shed seasonally. Dogs that shed throughout the year don’t just dump clumps of fur all day every day, but they shed by dropping small hairs that you hardly notice. The dogs that shed seasonally shed in the cold weather and in the hot weather. This does not mean that they wait till it is hot or cold before they shed off all their fur. Dogs that shed seasonally are typically dogs the have a double coat: an inner coat and an outer coat. Depending on the weather, they shed a lot of furs, but they obviously don’t shed all of it.

The only dogs that do not shed are the hairless dogs. These dogs are usually of the terrier breed, and since they have no fur, they can’t shed. Otherwise, even the seasonal shedding dogs shed all year, only that it is more noticeable when the seasons change.

The dogs considered to be all year-round shedders are usually the short haired dogs. Long haired dogs tend to shed more seasonally. This does not mean that long haired dogs shed more than short haired dogs: though it may seem like it, this is not so.

Shedding cannot be stopped or reduced, as it is a natural process, just as humans sweat or shed dead skin cells. Shedding can be controlled, though, by regularly brushing their fur or removing dead hairs before they can all off. This will reduce the amount of hair that they shed over your furniture, carpets, and clothes.

Matted Hair

Long haired and short haired dogs both can have matted hair if their fur isn’t brushed, clipped, and groomed properly. However, long haired dogs are more prone to matting and tangled hair than short haired dogs, and they require more grooming than short-haired dogs. Though it may not look like it, short haired dogs can also have matted hair if their hair isn’t brushed frequently.

Weather in Singapore

The weather in Singapore is mostly humid and hot. Dogs do not favour heat and humidity, especially humidity, as this can easily give them skin disease caused by fungi. Short-haired dogs would be easier to take care of in this kind of climate because it would be easier to protect their skin and treat them whenever they get sick. Long-haired dogs are much more high maintenance than their short-haired counterparts, and their hair may make them more susceptible to the negative effects of the heat and humidity in Singapore. However, with proper professional dog groomer, it is still possible to keep a long-haired dog in Singapore.

High Maintenance Grooming

Whether grooming is done by professional pet groomer or personally by you, the dog owner, long-haired dogs require more high maintenance grooming than short-haired dogs. Both breeds are prone to tangling and matted fur, but it is worse in long-haired dogs because their fur is long. Both breeds need to have their underarm hair, hair on their paws and hair between their toes trimmed regularly to avoid any complications with their health or gait. Untrimmed toe or pan hair can make it highly possible for them to pick up burrs, shavings and other tiny objects that can affect their health. Long-haired dogs need to have their facial hair trimmed regularly to prevent it from falling into their eyes.

It is recommended that you bathe your dogs once every three months to remove irritants from their skin, using warm water and a gentle dog shampoo, and a dog conditioner to help with the tangles in their fur. It is important to thoroughly rinse their fur after washing and to completely dry them off using a towel or a blow dryer on low heat. Do not use human shampoos or conditioners on your dogs, as these will just increase skin irritations for them.

It is important to take your dogs to professional groomers at least four times in a year. In Singapore, dog grooming can be on the expensive side, and the longer the hair, the more attention that is required. But professional grooming is important, to make sure that they get everything you missed during your daily and weekly grooming of your dogs.

So, long-haired versus short-haired: is there a difference? Yes, there is. Long-haired dogs require more maintenance than short-haired dogs, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep them and care for them in Singapore. You will love those dogs and enjoy their company, regardless of the length of their hair. If, however, all that maintenance looks like too much work, the hairless dogs are a cute alternative to go for. For more information on grooming your pet please check HOME.



The Difference In Self And Professional Grooming

Grooming your pet, either all by yourself or using a professional is an important aspect of caring for your pet. Grooming your pet not only does it make it feel and look beautiful and clean it also help to keep them healthy.

Grooming your pet is made even more significant by the fact that the environment in which they live, they do not get the natural grooming that their wild counterparts get in their natural setting. Unfortunately, many pet owners do not appreciate the importance of grooming their pets and the proper way to do it.

As the pet owner, you need to know what kind of grooming is right for your pet, the different types of grooming that you should do on your pet and the safe and efficient grooming techniques that you can use.

You, as the pet owner is responsible for the well-being of your pet. The big part of your responsibility lies on regular and consistent grooming. So either you choose to do it by yourself, or you take your pet to the pet groomer, you must learn about the grooming needs of your pet and then apply that knowledge directly to your pet.

When it comes to pet grooming, whether done by a professional or self, there are four main pillars of grooming, and these are:

  1. Bathing and Brushing
  2. Clipping
  3. Ear care
  4. Nail Trimming

The grooming requirement of your pet is dependent on various factors. These factors include the following:

  1. Physical traits of your pet
  2. Health condition
  3. The type of grooming that your pet needs

Depending on the physical features of your pet such as the fur or skin condition of your pet, will dictate on how often that you will need to groom your pet.

The health status of your pet such as the health of the skin will determine the kind of shampoo or brush that you will use to groom your pet or how often the different types of grooming will be done.

The kind of grooming that your pet needs, for example, ear or nail trimming, you should know what kind of grooming is required for your pet and when it is best to do it.

Differences Between Self And Professional Pet Grooming

Self Grooming

Self-pet grooming is the process whereby the pet owner decides to carry out the pet grooming at home without seeking professional help. You as the pet owner should know what kind of grooming that your pet needs, how often the different types of grooming should be performed and most importantly, the safe and effective pet grooming techniques.

The following are some of the grooming that you can do by yourself at home on your pet:

Bathing and Brushing

Before you decide to bath or brush your pet at home, if you are not sure how to do it, check with your pet’s vet.

Again depending on the physical aspects of your pet, you can choose to bathe your pet either monthly or weekly. When you are bathing your pet, make sure that you do not use human soap or shampoo to wash your dog. Your nearest pet store has a variety of dog soaps and shampoo that you can use.

Brushing your pet’s fur is probably a fascinating part of grooming. This is because most pets like to have their fur to be brushed and a precious moment to bond with your pet.

However, depending on the type of coat that your pet has, follow the following guides while brushing your pet:

  • Short fur – you should brush short coat once a month.
  • Medium coat – you should brush it either once a week or every fourth night
  • Long Fur – you should brush it daily or a minimum of thrice a week.

Ear Care

It is crucial that you keep the ears of your pet clean. This is because the ears and teeth very easily become the breeding ground of most disease causing bacteria and yeast.

Ask your pet’s vet on how to care for the ears and teeth of your pet. More often, the ear infection is generic more especially to dogs that have floppy ears because they do not get sufficient air circulation.

Your vet can help to prescribe the best ear cleaners and medicine that you can use to clean the ears or treat the ears of your pet in case of an infection.


Depending on how fast your pet’s nails grow will determine how often you should cut them. However, you will need a lot of patience, a fast eye and a stable hand in order not to injure your best friend while clipping its nails.

Professional Grooming

Professional grooming is the process of pet grooming where the pet owner takes his/her pet to a professional to perform those grooming techniques that you cannot perform by yourself.

One of the reasons as to why you should take your pet to a professional groomer is that he knows better about pet grooming than you do hence your pet will get the best service.

The following are some of the grooming that you will need a professional to do for your pet:

Nail Trimming

The nails of your pet are one of the trickiest parts to care for and maintain. Most pets do not like to get their nails cut because they fear being hurt. Most of the time if you will try to do it by yourself, either you or your pet will get hurt. This is because the dog or cat will try to pull their claws from you and in the process, you can end up hurting your dog’s nails, or you will get scratched.

A professional groomer knows how to hold the paw of your dog/cat and how to deal with the pet so that the trimming will be perfect and without anyone being hurt.

Hair Cuts

You may snip a little here or trim a little there for your furry friend but the full blown haircut is best to leave to the professionals. Pets do not have the patience to wait on the table for you to decide if the right side looks longer than the left. In addition, you might need to purchase expensive professional equipment to do the deed properly. Hence, it is wise to bring your pet to the groomers or have the groomer pay you a visit at your home.

No matter which one you choose, either self or professional grooming, the result is that your pet will be happier, healthier and cleaner.


Grooming Mistakes That Pet Owners Makes

Pet grooming is the best opportunity that you have got to bond with your pet. That is not all, grooming your pet all by yourself is cost effective as compared to taking it to a professional. However, grooming your pet at home is not an easy task.

If you decide home dog grooming, you have to be very careful because a simple mistake can result in an injury of your pet or if the worse comes to the worst, your pet can die. What you should understand that if you make a mistake while grooming your pet, the injury that you will cause your dog or cat or any other pet that you own will not only be physical, but it is an emotional injury as well. Once this happens, your pet is likely to lose its confidence in you, and thus your relationship is likely to be affected.

What you require if you choose to groom your pet all by yourself is a lot of patience and the right grooming equipment. You can be sure that with these two things, your pet grooming will be fun and very simple.

The following are some of the common grooming mistakes that pet owners make while grooming their pets and what you should do in case an accident happens:


Many pet owners make mistakes while shaving their pets. While shaving their pet, pet owners tend to get too close to the skin of the pet while shaving, which is likely to lead to a nasty razor burn to the skin. When you are shaving your pet, ensure that you do not get too close to the skin of your pet because the razor is likely either burn or cut the skin of your pet.

When the skin of your pet gets burnt or cut, it is an entry point for germs and other disease-causing pathogens into the body of your pet.

If while you are shaving your pet, you realise that you have accidentally injured the skin of your pet, stop immediately and apply some first aid to your pet to avoid any possible infection from occurring. It is recommended that if such an accident happen while you are shaving your pet, clean the wound and apply some antibacterial salve before taking your pet to the veterinary for further treatment.
If an injury occurs while shaving your pet, one important thing that you should do is to let your pet know that you did not do that intentionally. You can hug your pet and show it some love and apologise, though it will not understand your words, your actions will speak louder than words.

Poor Shampooing

Many pet owners make mistakes while shampooing their pets. You will agree with me that pets either a dog or cat will not stay still while you are grooming them – they like moving their heads. This, coupled with carelessness during the shampooing process that leads to disaster.

When you are shampooing your pet if you are not careful, the shampoo or chemical that you are using can easily get into the eyes of your pet. When shampoo or any other chemical, in that case, gets into the eye, it causes eye irritation, and your pet is not going to like it at all.

If while you are shampooing your pet, it enters into the eyes, stay calm and wash off the soap with clean water or a saline solution. When you have done this, gently dab the corners of the pet’s eyes with a clean towel. Next, show your pet some affection by either cuddling it to make it feel that you did not intend to hurt it.

*Also take note that you have to be extra careful to avoid water going through their ears and nose. When water enters into their ears, it will cause ear infection and water can get into their lungs when water get into their nose.

Let The Pet Loose

Another very common mistake that pet owners make while grooming their pets is to let the pet unrestrained while grooming it. This is not recommended unless you have successfully groom your pet multiple times with training commands.

If you let your pet loose while grooming it, it might be injurious to your pet. This is because many pets do not like baths, and hence they will try to run away. While your pet is trying to run away, it can be very dangerous to the well- being of your pet and yourself. Your pet might run and slip on the wet floor, resulting in fractures or it might be frightened and turn on you, either scratching you or jumping on you.

It is recommendable that when you want to groom your dog, for example, have it on a leash. You can also opt to muzzle your pet when grooming it or if you are bathing it outside, ensure that your gate is closed so that it will not run on the road and onto incoming traffic. The necessary evil for its safety.

Too Hot Or Cold Water

Often, pet owners make the mistake of bathing their pets using either too hot or too cold water. If you use too hot or too cold water when bathing your pet, you are likely to provoke a negative reaction from your pet – hatred of taking a bath. It is recommended that you use lukewarm water when bathing your pet.

So, how can you know the right water temperature to use to bathe your pet? It is easy, spray some water on your forearm, if you can withstand the temperature, then it is safe for use. However, you should remember that your pet’s skin is more sensitive to temperature change than yours so be careful.

That is not all if you are using a nozzle spray to wash your pet, ensure that you do not use a spray jet directly on your pet because the loud noise that is made is likely to frighten your pet. Hence it is advisable that you use a hand spray to wash your pet.

If you do not have a hand spray, spray the water directly on your pet but ensure that the water first falls on the back of your hand to reduce the pressure.

Grooming your own pets should not be a pain in your life. If you prefer to have someone else groom your pet, opt for a professional groomer like us and we can groom your pet in the comfort of its familiar surroundings.

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Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming

4 Benefits Of Mobile Dog Grooming

These days, you see a lot of people prefer to have their pets groomed at home and convenience is just one of the many benefits of our Mobile Dog Grooming Service.

It’s the busy lifestyle of people that may not allow them to properly take care of their dogs. At times, they do not have enough time to take their dogs to a pet salon in order to have groom them properly and professionally.

Well, we have made things easier for the dog owners living in Singapore. We have the best mobile pet grooming (Home) team to provide professional grooming services so that dog owners can find instant and proper care for their dogs whenever they need it.

Here we have listed 4 benefits you can get for having your dog groomed at home.

  1. Convenience –

When it is time for your dogs to be groomed, we will often think of bringing your dog to a pet salon or call the groomer to transport your dog down to their salon then transport back your dog when grooming is done.

Like most owners, we have tried this 2 options. Bringing your dog down to salon can be a hassle, especially when there are no pet salons within your neighbourhood and if you do not have a car. Even with a car, we often spent more than half a day at the salon because when we arrived at the salon, our dogs will still have to queue to get groomed.

We also tried transport service from the groomers but it does not work for us too because the groomer will fetch our dogs from our home to their salon in the morning and only be able to send them back in the evening.

Yes, it might be convenient for us, but not for our dogs. Imagine our dogs being caged for 1 whole day? How sad can that be! This is why we started mobile dog grooming. Groomer will start grooming your dog at appointment time and usually take around 1-2 hours and it is done!

  1. Less Stressful –

As some dog owners will notice that taking your pets to the salon can be stressful for dogs when they start to shiver and tails goes be in between their legs.

This is sometimes caused by new environment, or even the presence of other animals in the salon and many more. Build up stress may not be good for their health too.

So get your dog groomed at home where it is the most familiar and comfortable place for them.

  1. Fleas and Ticks –

Those creepy little things are the most feared by pet owners, because once your pets are infested with Fleas or Ticks, it can be a nightmare.

These are the 3 places where your dogs are more likely pick up ticks and fleas from: Grooming Salon, Vet and Dog Park.

When you pet is infested with Fleas and Ticks, not only you need to get them removed from your pets, often you will also need to engage pest control to get them cleared from your home as they can climb onto every corner of your walls, cupboards, sofa and beds.

Oh yes they do bite human! Now can you imagine the trouble just to get them removed.

  1. One to One Attention –

As we have talked about having to queue even though we have reach the salon at appointment time. This is inevitable especially when you get your dog groomed at a popular salon, because their appointments are usually packed.

For mobile grooming, once groomer reach your home. He/she will start on the grooming immediately and full attention will only on your dog from start till end. Find out more on our Dog grooming rates.

Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and Fleas: What are they? and how to prevent them from getting onto your pets?

As far as the fleas and ticks are concerned, these are the external parasites which can cause severe discomfort for your pets. Whether you have cat or a dog at home, you need to take proper precaution on these fleas and ticks and prevent them from entering into your home and onto the body of your pets. Once they attack the pet, they can create serious illness, and discomfort for both you and your pets.

All you need is to use the safest and effective products to prevent these fleas and ticks from attacking your pet. You can also opt for the parasite prevention methods at your home and at the yard in order to prevent these parasites from developing further. You need to keep your dog and cat away from those areas where these fleas and ticks use to reside or lurk.

As far as fleas are concerned, these are nothing but the insects and often considered to be ubiquitous for the environment. And that suggests these fleas can be traced at almost any place on this earth. On this earth, there are several types of fleas and this number can go beyond 2000. However, the most common one among them is the cat flea. This type of flea commonly affects the cats and dogs. However, ticks are not considered as the insects.  Instead of that they are considered to have some resemblance with the spiders, mites and scorpions like species. There are more than 80 species of ticks you can find on this earth. But only a few of them can affect your pets and humans as well. The most common among one them is the dog tick.

Prevention: Well, as a pet owner you always need to take proper steps in order to prevent these ticks and fleas from attacking your pets. These species can really bother the pets and can generate severe discomfort for them. as far as the infestation done by the fleas and ticks is concerned, this may take weeks as well as months to get controlled.

Well, some kind of preventive measures can be taken in order to prevent these species from growing even when they are at the first stage. There are steps that you can follows in order to prevent these flicks and ticks from further growing. In the market you can now find several parasite prevention items and methods that you can implement at the backyard or at your home in order to prevent these species from entering into the home and attacking your pets.

When you are doing this, you need to take necessary precautions so that you can stay away from the effects these parasite killing chemicals can come up with. You also need to keep the pets away from the places where these parasites use to lurk and live.

The more commonly known preventive method is by applying Frontline onto your pet’s neck on a monthly basis. Frontline is know to be able to protect your pets from these pest and it will to kill adult fleas and ticks and also attack the flea eggs and larvae. Regular pet grooming also helps in detecting fleas and ticks infesting on your pets, because when your pet groomer is grooming you pet, he or she should be able to see if there are ticks or fleas on your pet. Then you can heed your pet groomer’s advise on removal and treatment of the ticks and fleas.

Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming Tips

Wash, rinse, dry, cut and brush! All these are the most common activities that you need to perform when you are doing dog grooming at home. with this much of work, you will be able to keep the dog in the best mood and health. A well groomed dog often goes through all these grooming processes. Once you see that your dog is rolling or rubbing himself on the floor or on a rug, and started to chew as well as lick his fur, you need to think about a proper grooming.

When you are thinking about grooming your own dog at home, it is always best to take some advice from the professionals. If you follow some grooming tips for your dogs, it will better help you to properly groom your dog. Keep in mind that grooming of the dog should be pleasant: Grooming needs to offer your dog a very pleasant experience! The person who will do home grooming of the pet also needs to enjoy this activity. If you don’t enjoy doing this, you can always engage a Dog Grooming professional to either go over to a Pet Grooming Salon or get a Mobile Pet Groomer (Likeable Pets) to go over to your place to do the grooming for your dog.

When you are looking forward to saving money and also wish to create a strong bond with the pet, you should try to do some basic grooming (eg. Clipping nails, Cleaning of ears) on your own, as it is recommended to clip your dog’s nails and clean your dog’s ears weekly. Going to the groomers every week will be costly. So here are some grooming tips for your dog that you can follow in order to make this work look more pleasant both for the dog and for yourself.

  • You need to groom the dog when he or she is in the best mood. As grooming session appears to be a challenging one for many owners and dogs, when both of you are in the best mood, you should start this work. you can even do this after spending a playful time with the dog.
  • When you are grooming for the first time, keep this session short around five to ten minutes. In this way, you can make your dog familiar with the work you will be doing further. You can enhance the time frame for the grooming session slowly.
  • To start grooming, you can slowly move your hand on the sensitive areas of the dog. You can touch the tail, stomach, paws as well as ears before you start grooming.
  • When you are grooming, never stop praising the dog. You can also offer the pet some tasty treats once the work is over. In this way, you can make grooming a pleasant experience for the dog.

There are some dog breeds that can have special needs as far as grooming is concerned. Breeds like Shar Peis and Pugs are equipped with loose skin as well as wrinkles. Such breeds need special care when the grooming session is on. These breeds can have folders on their skin and cleaning at these folds can produce a great challenge for you. use damp cotton in order to remove the dirt and dust from these areas on the dog’s skin.