cat grooming myths

Cat Grooming Myths and Why Your Cat Needs Grooming

Cats are skittish and adventurous by nature – a reason they can come in contact with dirt and germs very quickly.

Thankfully, they also love taking care of themselves and keeping neat regularly which means that you don’t have much to worry about. However, at times, cat lovers/owners duty as well to keep their pets in good and healthy shape.


How to Proceed With Cat Grooming?

While most people tend to believe (and wrongly so) that cats do not need grooming, it is important for them to realize that grooming is not just about looking good. Here is how it can help your feline friend.

– It keeps a certain hygiene level and helps maintain healthy skin in cats

– Stimulates the production good oil secretion in them

– Helps in lubricating and waterproofing the fur, making it shine.

– By removing dirt and parasite like fleas from them, it maintains good health in them and prevents them from the spread of dangerous diseases in them.

– Grooming allows air circulation in the skin preventing loose hair.

Everybody loves the look of a well-groomed cat – the time spend is absolutely worth it!


The Top Myths about Cat Grooming

  1. Your Feline Friend Can Take Care of Themselves

You think that your feline friend doesn’t need additional grooming and can clean themselves? While this isn’t entirely false, it is also true that they are bound to get dirty and run the risk of an infection or a disease and therefore grooming is highly recommended for them.

  1. All cats hate water

A highly inaccurate generalization – some cats also enjoy playing with water.  It all depends on how it has been brought up. Faucets, for instance, are something intriguing for most cats.

  1. Cats do not require to be trimmed

Well, they do. Furs can grow in no time, and you would need to trim everything from the furs to the crusts in the eyes.

  1. Cats do not need to be brushed

Your furry pal can also get oral diseases causing a lot of pain and serious health problems in them.

If you don’t have the time, there is no need to do it daily, but do regularly brush their teeth with the specially tailored cat paste available.

When Should You start?

Groom your cat from a young age – it helps them to get accustomed to such routines later on.


Tips to Remember

– While grooming is actually good for you cat, make sure you’re not over-grooming your cat.

– Make the grooming sessions a fun activity for the both of you.

– Schedule them at the right time when the cat is relaxed or in a good mood and not otherwise. Otherwise, it’ll end up being a nightmare for the both of you.

– Always check for any signs of disease or infection on him, and schedule an appointment with your veterinarian at the earliest.

It is important to remember that grooming is a necessary part of the feline’s life and can make a tremendous difference in your cat’s comfort and health, which can be visibly seen.

Also check out how grooming your cat at home can benefit your cat.

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Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming

4 Benefits Of Mobile Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming Tips

Wash, rinse, dry, cut and brush! All these are the most common activities that you need to perform when you are doing dog grooming at home. with this much of work, you will be able to keep the dog in the best mood and health. A well groomed dog often goes through all these grooming processes. Once you see that your dog is rolling or rubbing himself on the floor or on a rug, and started to chew as well as lick his fur, you need to think about a proper grooming.

When you are thinking about grooming your own dog at home, it is always best to take some advice from the professionals. If you follow some grooming tips for your dogs, it will better help you to properly groom your dog. Keep in mind that grooming of the dog should be pleasant: Grooming needs to offer your dog a very pleasant experience! The person who will do home grooming of the pet also needs to enjoy this activity. If you don’t enjoy doing this, you can always engage a Dog Grooming professional to either go over to a Pet Grooming Salon or get a Mobile Dog Groomer to go over to your place to do the grooming for your dog.

When you are looking forward to save money and also wish to create a strong bond with the pet, you should try to do some basic grooming (eg. Clipping nails, Cleaning of ears) on your own, as it is recommended to clip your dog’s nails and clean your dog’s ears weekly. Going to the groomers every week will be costly. So here are some grooming tips for your dog that you can follow in order to make this work look more pleasant both for the dog and for yourself.

  • You need to groom the dog when he or she is in the best mood. As grooming session appears to be a challenging one for many owners and dogs, when both of you are in the best mood, you should start this work. you can even do this after spending a playful time with the dog.
  • When you are grooming for the first time, keep this session short around five to ten minutes. In this way, you can make your dog familiar with the work you will be doing further. You can enhance the time frame for the grooming session slowly.
  • To start grooming, you can slowly move your hand on the sensitive areas of the dog. You can touch the tail, stomach, paws as well as ears before you start grooming.
  • When you are grooming, never stop praising the dog. You can also offer the pet some tasty treats once the work is over. In this way, you can make grooming a pleasant experience for the dog.

There are some dog breeds that can have special needs as far as grooming is concerned. Breeds like Shar Peis and Pugs are equipped with loose skin as well as wrinkles. Such breeds need special care when the grooming session is on. These breeds can have folders on their skin and cleaning at these folds can produce a great challenge for you. use damp cotton in order to remove the dirt and dust from these areas on the dog’s skin.