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Quality: 9/10. Alex may be new in this industry but his work shines through! Mama was very pleased with my haircut and Alex’s attention to details, such as nail filing and shaving of my private areas. Papa is also very happy that he no longer has to drive me around for grooming! The humans can now spend quality time at home, instead of wasting the day at the salon waiting for me.

Service: 9/10. Booking an appointment was easy, and the whole process was totally fuss-free. Mama only had to prepare my towel and medicated shampoo, and accessibility to a power plug. Alex also made it a point to consult mama along the way on how she would like my hair at different areas to be cut. To top things off, he took the initiative to show mama what a standard westie cut entails, so she was able to learn something as well.

Sarah February 12, 2016

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Absolutely the best! I tried a couple groomers before finding Likeable Pets. I can’t say enough great things. My two cairn terriers haven’t looked this good in a long time! I couldn’t be happier

Jennifer L Curran Facebook March 16, 2017

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Alex was very quick to respond to my texts. Pamela did a wonderful job grooming my rabbit Scout & had great knowledge and tips for rabbits! Thank you!

Dianne Jane Baker Facebook March 16, 2017

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I love their service.
Will have them on a monthly basis.
Pamela is great with a dog with attitude
Alex has the best customer service skills

Love love love likeablepets mobile groomers

Delia Danika Wong Libin Facebook March 16, 2017

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Great service. Thang the groomer was punctual and painstaking with regard to the grooming. He was extremely good with my golden retriever and was careful and meticulous. Didn’t rush or seem like he was in a hurry to finish. 1st experience, will definitely hire again.

Christian Ratnam Facebook March 16, 2017

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Alex did a great job grooming my maine coon cats! He handled my boy with great care and was very patient eventhough my boy bit him. Thanks Alex!

Shazila Sulaiman February 12, 2016

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Although Alex is young but he is very professional and gave his full attention during the whole grooming process. My pet is in good hands! See you again in 4 weeks’ time!

Sophia Loo February 12, 2016

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We have tried todate 3 home groomers in the past 7 months and Alex is the most patient and professional – unlike the others he is not rushing through the job to go to the next appointment and he factors in the clients’ requirements. Previous home groomers rush and hence the cut is poor or have cut my pets. Thank you Alex!

Sau Ling February 12, 2016

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Amazing professional the best our fur kids cuts they have ever had x

Tracie Fitzpatrick February 12, 2016

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Very professional. My dog is now a happy n clean dog. Thank u so much!

Kim Lim February 12, 2016

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Amazing groomer. He was very gentle with my rabbit and my dog. Thank you.

Paramesh Selvaraj February 11, 2016

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