Rabbit Grooming Singapore

grooming a rabbit

Rabbits, just like other pets, they also need your love, affection and proper grooming to stay in the best health and mind. Basic Rabbit grooming consist of Clipping of nails, Paw Pad and Sanitary shave, Ear cleaning, Powder bath and Brushing of the fur. Rabbit grooming often starts with the work like clipping of the nails and shaving of the paw pad and sanitary areas. Our groomer usually start with clipping of the nails. Long nails will get caught in between cages and often cause them to break. (Imagine breaking your own nails, OUCH!) After that we will check the bottom portion of the rabbit and usually we will shave the paw pad and the sanitary area to keep these areas clean as urine and drooping often get stained in these areas. Then we will proceed to check the ears if it requires cleaning, usually we will try not to clean the ears if they are not dirty as rabbit’s ear are very sensitive. As it is not recommended to give Rabbits wet baths, we do powder baths for Rabbits. As these creatures are equipped with a soft skin, we brush the rabbits in a professional way that will not hurt their skin. Keep in mind that rabbits are very good at grooming by licking themselves and brushing helps to remove dead furs that will prevent them from getting hairballs if they ingest too much fur from licking. Excessive licking can also cause matting and clumping of the fur that will lead to skin irritation to the rabbits. Taking proper care of the skin and fur of your rabbit often plays an important role in terms of keeping the pet in the best health. When you take care of the fur as well as skin of the pet, you can easily see whether or not the parasites are there or you can also trace any skin problems on their body. Grooming is necessary for Rabbits. This is just like grooming your dog or cat. However, rabbits are always considered as the soft creatures and thus they need serious pampering. Hiring our rabbit grooming service can also help you to find necessary treatment which is required to keep the rabbit in the best shape.