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Dog Grooming Services At The Comfort Of Your Home

Dog grooming is a big part of your furry friend’s life. With the ever-changing weather conditions, we have to make sure that their coat problems don’t get in their way of enjoying their lives. Dog grooming also prevents the spreading of any virus or disease that they may have accidentally obtained while at play. It attends to unseen skin problems like allergies and fur-related issues. Last but not the least - it gives them a good trim that will have them feeling confident and at the top of their game.

However, we know that with your busy schedule, it can be hard to find a proper time to relax and unwind, let alone bring your dog to and from the groomers’. This poses to be a big problem for a lot of our customers in Singapore.

To fulfil our promise of bringing top quality service and helping make things more convenient for our customers, we have come up with the Mobile Dog Grooming Service (a.k.a. House Call Dog Grooming), where we will personally come by your house and take care of the grooming of your furry friend. You read that right -- No more spending your time in transit and endlessly waiting for a long line of customers just to get your dog groomed.

Here’s how our Mobile Dog Grooming Service works:

  1. Call or message us (see Contact tab above) to book a grooming schedule.
  2. Our certified dog groomer will bring all the necessary equipment (owners must provide bathing towels) to your home at the scheduled date and time. 
  3. Tell our groomer your preferred cut, if you have any. You may also check our photo gallery for a list of dog hairstyles that you want for your furry friend.
  4. Sit back, relax, and wait for your furry friend to finish the haircut!
grooming dog at home

Why Likeable Pets?

Here at Likeable Pets, we ensure that we give only the best services for you and your furry friends. For over 4 years now, our clients all over Singapore have trusted us in grooming their dogs, as we give the utmost care and top-notch service to their furry friends. With that, we would now like to help you in taking great care of your furry friend by offering a professional grooming service without all the unnecessary hassle.

  1. We are expertly trained in grooming dogs. Our groomers have studied in precision the proper way of handling different types of dog breeds, large or small; hence they what type of special haircut each dog needs.

  2. Rest assured that we only use sanitized, quality professional-grade equipment and hypo-allergenic products to take care of your dog grooming.

  3. We understand that all dogs are different. Some may be overly friendly, as some may be temperamental and moody. This makes no difference in the quality of our services, as our groomers will take their time to make your dog feel relaxed in their presence.

  4. Because our groomers go directly to your place where your dog most likely feels the safest, it lessens the stress factor for your dog and you could expect a smooth-sailing grooming session!

  5. We know how to take care of basic skin and fur complications like matting, allergies, and dandruff.

Our Dog Grooming Packages

dog grooming process

Basic Dog Grooming

  • Nail Clipping and Filing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Clipping of Paw Pad and Sanitary areas
  • check
    Bath and Blow Dry

Full Dog Grooming

  • Nail Clipping and Filing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Clipping of Paw Pad and Sanitary areas
  • check
    Bath and Blow Dry
  • check
    Trimming and Styling or Deshedding

Our Dog Grooming Rates

*Note: Initial dog grooming rates (exclusive of transportation fee) are assessed and given upon booking of schedule. This will vary depending on the type and size of your dog.

​Small Breed

​Medium Breed

​Large Breed

Full Grooming

from $90

from $100

from $120

​Basic Grooming

from $60

from $70

from $90

A few reminders for booking your dog grooming with Likeable Pets:

  • Prices start from the price stated as prices will vary base on dog’s breed and size.
  • Transportation starts from $30. (Depending on where you stay).
  • Any cancellation or postpone of appointment should be made 1 day in advance, and there will be a transportation charge if our groomer arrived at your place but your pet is unavailable.
  • check
    ​Additional charges may applyy for dogs with behavioural problem and severe matting
  • check
    ​Please feel free to call us if there are any dog grooming services you are looking for and is not stated here
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    ​For more information or to book a grooming appointment, please call us at 8685 2360.

Our Past Dog Grooming Works

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I groom my dog?

Why choose mobile grooming over salon grooming? Is this safe?

Are your tools clean?

Will the grooming cause a mess in our home?

Again, Likeable Pets ensures that we bring only the best services to you and your furry friends. With the House Call Dog Grooming Service, we will bring it right at your doorstep. We’re so excited to meet your dogs and give them the cut that will truly bring out the best in them.

Book A Grooming Appointment With Us Today!

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